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Canadian Future is a Legal Firm focusing primarily on immigration with a dedicated team to help you through your journey to immigrate to Canada. Learn how you can work in Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker, or perhaps become a Passive Immigrant Investor and receive your permanent residency. There are many routes available for a bright Canadian future.

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Immigrate to Canada through the help of Canadian Future

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Canada’s Start-up Visa Program helps immigrant entrepreneurs to establish businesses in Canada by allowing foreign business owners and their families to apply for permanent resident status.2021 While waiting for their permanent residence, foreign entrepreneurs who have applied to the Start-up Visa Program are eligible for a temporary work permit, allowing them to travel to Canada to launch their business.

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To be eligible for the Start-up Visa Program, you must have a qualifying business; get a letter of support from a designated organization; meet the language requirements;bring enough money to settle

Get a letter of support from a designated organization

Bring enough money to settle